International Society of Pharmacovigilance
Israeli Chapter


Welcome to ISoP Israel !

Dr. Rina-Irene Fermont, Chairman

Dr. Rina-Irene Fermont, Chairman

What we believe:

Pharmacovigilance should not and will not remain only the expert’s job but must integrate all stakeholders along the treatment pathway.

The future of Drug Safety lies in it becoming a truly multidisciplinary and integrated Public Health activity.​

We welcome those dedicated to improving drug safety.
ISOP ISRAEL provides the very platform to meet and discuss common problems and learn about innovative solutions to medication safety issues, to benefit from the experience of our exceptional International Advisory Board experts who are building the future of Drug Safety.

Who should be involved?
Healthcare professionals, from hospital and community, patients, Kupot Cholim, hospital managers and risk managers, Ministry of Health, industry, academy, IT and Artificial Intelligence companies.

Dr. Rina-Irene Fermont, Chairman


Prof Hervé Le Louët, President of CIOMS

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to welcome you to the International Society of Pharmacovigilance (ISOP).

I’m confident in your ability to develop and implement an efficient system of Risk Management. We have to promote and protect public health and the collaboration with Israel is indeed a wonderful added value.

As a former president of ISOP, you know that I have always supported the creation of the ISoP ISRAEL chapter and will continue to do so as President of CIOMS. I would like to thanks very much and to pay a tribute to my friend Rina-Irene. She is one of the pillars of the Society and I’m happy that she accepted to take the lead of the Israeli chapter.

I wish you fruitful meetings and projects.


Prof Hervé Le Louët, President of CIOMS
Chair of the ISOP Israel Advisory Board

ISoP is an International Organization counting more than 700 members from 65 countries, from academy, institutions, and industry, to promote and improve medication safety.

ISoP Israel Vision

Our Mission

To promote medication safety in Israel through education and research.

Our Vision

ISOP ISRAEL must be a platform to share experience, expertise and knowledge in the ultimate goal of fostering safe medication practices in Israel, in a continuous dialog with the Ministry of Health. 

This platform must be innovative, multidisciplinary, and patient-centric and it must address the needs of all stakeholders.

Knowing that in Western countries, including Israel, thousands of patients die every year from adverse drug reactions, it makes Drug Safety a major Public Health issue, ISOP ISRAEL aims at fostering a unique, specific Israeli model for Pharmacovigilance and Safe Medications Practices, involving all stakeholders in all relevant domains where drug safety is a topic for action or concern.

ISOP ISRAEL must be the very place where medical and technological advances in drug safety are identified, centralized spread among its members.   It is meant to be a focal point where medical practices, healthcare organization, education, technology, and artificial intelligence, all meet for the benefit of the patients and all health actors.

ISOP ISRAEL aims at gathering all stakeholders in an integrated approach: healthcare professionals from all disciplines and all settings, healthcare providers, HMOs, academy, Ministry of Health, academy, industry, IT-AI providers, and patient.    

ISOP ISRAEL believes that Israel has the cultural, organizational, and technological skills to achieve this unique model.

Our Objectives

  1. Actively promote the gathering of new members from all disciplines and settings to ensure multidisciplinarity and experience sharing. 

  2. Stay at the forefront of the Drug Safety: identifying new concepts, new methods, and tools, new initiatives in Israel and abroad, new partners, new technologies.

  3. Initiate, implement or participate to drug safety projects.

  4. Advocate medication safety through educational activities to promote news tools/methods and to present innovative projects either from ISOP ISRAEL or other owners.

  5. Set up strong partnerships with professional and patients associations.

  6. Share Israeli expertise and experience with the international community.

ISOP ISRAEL membership is open to:

  • any healthcare professional or provider, from any setting and any discipline, interested by the field of drug safety or pharmacovigilance 

  • patients, as individuals or through associations